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Judo Masterclass Techniques

The Judo Masterclass Techniques series is crammed with working ideas and techniques that are being used by some of the world's greatest judokas. Each volume breaks down each variation to its barest essentials, revealing the essence of each particular move.


Armlocks by Neil Adams
This definitive volume on armlocks was written by the British champion who won his world title with an armlock. In his remarkable exposition, Adams covers the history of armlocks, basic forms, special combinations, competition variations and his special affinity for the armlock.

Item# BKM101. Only $19.95



Judo Master Techniques - Armlocks

Ashiwaza by Nobuyuki Sato
This comprehensive volume on foot techniques is by a double world champion who was known and feared for his effective ashiwaza. Sato looks at four techniques: de-ashi-barai, okuri-ashi-barai, sasae-tsuri-komi-ashi and harai-tsur i-komi-ashi. In its detail and construction, it is perhaps the most outstanding exposition of a judo technique ever written.

Item# BKM102 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Ashiwaza
Ashiwaza II by Michael Swain
The techniques covered in this volume - ouchi-gari, kouchi-gari, kosoto-gari, and hiza-guruma - are at the heart of good judo. American world champion, Michael Swain, demonstrates the proper study of these techniques in this sequel to Nobuyuki Sato's Ashiwaza. This volume will open the door to a much deeper, richer understanding of ashiwaza - which will inevitably lead to greater effectiveness on the judo mat.

Item# BKM111 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Ashiwaza II
Grips by Neil Adams
This is the first book ever to be written on the crucial area of judo gripping techniques. The failure to understand the intricacies of gripping is at the root of many judo problems. Adams was widely recognized for his masterly understanding of grips even though his favored grip was eminently classical. In this pioneering volume, he looks at orthodox and unorthodox gripping, attack and defence gripping strategies, developing gripping strength and gripping skills.

Item# BKM103 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Grips
Harai-Goshi by Jean-Luc Rouge
Jean-Luc Rouge won his world title in 1975 with harai-goshi, a throw he used throughout his contest career. While competing he was known for his superb technical ability, and this is reflected in his volume on harai-goshi. He surveys the history, techniques, combinations and counters in great detail. Rouge approaches his favorite throw from a reliable technical base while remaining open to new ideas.

Item# BKM104 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Harai-Goshi
Osaekomi by Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki
Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki is widely regarded as one of the greatest exponents of osaekomi of the last decades of the 20th century. A majority of his victories came from ground work and osaekomi in particular. This is the first book ever to concentrate purely on osaekomi and, as such presents a considerable challenge. The range of the classic holds is relatively small - less than a dozen - but the numbers of variations and methods of applications are enormous.

Item# BKM113 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Osaekomi
Osoto-Gari by Yasuhiro Yamashita
Unbeaten for nine years until his retirement, Yamashita won every major championship in judo, including the Olympics and the World Championships. Yamashita's judo is classical Japanese judo at its best. He pays particular attention to stance, the breaking of balance, the speed of attack and boldness. Yet he understands the demands of competition style judo and explores various competition situations and solutions to them.

Item# BKM105 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Osoto-Gari
Pick-Ups by Robert van de Walle
Pick-up techniques is considered by many to be second rate judo - a tool of the desperate judoka. However, Olympic champion, Robert van de Walle, clearly shows that they are in fact proper judo techniques with all the finesse and subtleties of other more mainstream judo techniques. Van de Walle demonstrates morote-gari, sukui-nage, ura-nage, and kata-guruma, in a way which only he is eminently suited to do.

Item# BKM106 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Pick-Ups
Seoi-Nage by Hidetoshi Nakanishi
Seoi-nage is the most representative of all judo throws. It is taught to beginners, yet it is used at the highest international level. World champion, Hidetoshi Nakanishi, looks at the rich background and techniques of the seoi-nage. He divides the book into two sections: he demonstrates ippon seoi-nage while morote seoi-nage is demonstrated by his compatriot, Yoshiharu Minami, a double world champion.

Item# BKM107 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Seoi-Nage
Shimewaza by Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki
Shimewaza is without doubt, the most esoteric branch of judo. This is the first comprehensive survey of strangling techniques ever undertaken. Kashiwazaki a noted groundwork specialist, discusses the different variations with ample detail, highlighting those of particular relevance to today's judo. There is also a special section on sangaku, the strangle done with the legs.

Item# BKM108 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Shimewaza
Tai-Otoshi by Neil Adams
Tai-Otoshi is one of the classic judo throws - it is a technique that is used by all weight categories to great effect. It was the favorite throw of Neil Adams who used it throughout his career. In this comprehensive survey of the development and evolution of tai-otoshi, Adams emphasizes the importance of rhythm, balance, timing and proper positioning.

Item# BKM112 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Tai-Otoshi
Tomoe-Nage by Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki
Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki won his world title in 1981 with a unique version of the tomoe-nage which he developed himself. In his exposition on this most aesthetic of judo throws, Kashiwazaki gives an absorbing analysis of the technique, looking at both the basic form and the new variations. The instruction is extremely clear and detailed.

Item# BKM109 Only $19.95


Judo Master Techniques - Tomoe-Nage
Uchimata by Hitoshi Sugai
Uchimata is one of the most popular throws in judo. Sugai is the most successful exponent of this throw in recent memory. In his book, he considers the many popular version of this technique as well as his own personal variation which he used to great effect in winning his two world titles.

Item# BKM110 Only $19.95



Judo Master Techniques - Uchimata

Special Interest Series

The Special Interest series is meant for the ardent judo fans. In this collection, you'll find judo books like no other in the market.


Attacking Judo by Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki and Hidetoshi Nakanishi
Positive attacking in throwing and ground work is at the heart of all the best judo. This is the fundamental attitude of world champions Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki and Hidetoshi Nakanishi who are now among the foremost teachers in Japan. But this boldness must be based on a sound technical understanding. Attacking Judo features sample line drawings rather than long complex explanations. The main throws and ground work techniques of judo are placed in a context of combinations and counters, with crucial details of pull, push and direction of throw clearly indicated by arrows. A valuable training aid to all practicing judokas.

Item# BKS101. Only $23.95




Attacking Judo

The Fighting Spirit of Judo by Yasuhiro Yamashita
Yasuhiro Yamashita is the most successful judo player in history. In this special publication he gives a unique insight into the mental attitude and the physical preparation that enabled him to achieve a remarkable record of nine years of consecutive victories in a sport where just one split second's loss of concentration can mean instant defeat. He also offers technical instruction on his favorite techniques, complete with detailed photographs.

Item# BKS102 Only $23.95


The Fighting Spirit Of Judo
Great Judo Championships of the World by Oon Oon Yeoh
Referred to as the ultimate judo reference book by many top coaches around the world, Oon Oon Yeoh researched the history and the results of past championships. In it you will find the background of the Olympics, World championships, Junior World championships, European Championships, European Junior championships, European Team championships, Kano Cup, Fukuoka Cup and the Tournoi de Paris. Results from all the above competitions are listed and the champions profile of each tournament are highlighted with photographs and details of the players achievements.

Item# BKS103 Only $23.95


Great Judo Championships of the Word
The A-Z of Judo by Syd Hoare
This book is the only comprehensive survey of traditional judo techniques ever produced. It presents, in easily accessible alphabetical form, every technique of judo which has a formal Japanese name - standing and groundwork. Included are historical techniques some of which are now considered illegal by the IJF. By its very nature, The A-Z of Judo is of use and interest to the beginner and the advance judoka alike.

Item# BKS104 Only $23.95


A-Z of Judo
The Dragon Mask and Other Judo Stories by Trevor Leggett
In 50 absorbing stories drawn from a lifetime of experience in Europe and the Far East, Trevor Leggett shows that judo is a training for life. These stories are entertaining and fascinating in themselves, but each have a strongly instructive element. Judo can be as much about character development as about combat on the mat. This invigorating collection gives memorable pointers to the use of judo as a way to build character and to develop personality - a concept originally envisioned by the founder of judo, Dr. Jigoro Kano.

Item# BKS105 Only $17.95


The Dragon Mask and Other Judo Stories