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Mr. Lala,
I recently received the Encyclopedia of Kicking DVDs and watched them right away.  I have beeen practicing the martial arts for over twenty years and have met many martial artists and instructors along the way (some rather famous and noted) and let me tell you, none of them kick like you.  After twenty years, I have confidence in my kicking techniques and power, but I have always felt like something was missing, something that could make my kicks better.  I found that something in your DVD.  I know my kicks will improve and I thank you for that.  Also, the DVD and your kicking techniques were rather inspiring, and you have given me a new spark in my training I have not felt in a long time.  That in itself was worth every penny spent on the DVD.  I look forward to purchasing more DVDs in the future.  Again, my sincerest thanks.

Yours in the arts,

Christopher Brunelle


 It was about nine years ago when I first bought one of Sensei's videos.  It was my first experience of learning from video and I must say it spoiled me because his videos are top of the line.  Every other video series I've gotten since then has fallen short of the quality that Lala Sensei's videos exhibit. 

I consider myself something of an instructional video critic, having written articles for Black Belt magazine specifically on how to study from home and from videos.  I consider Sensei's videos the template on which every good video should pattern itself.  They provide the best in conceptual and technical information alongside an organizational structure that is easy to follow and is not filled with editing errors (a problem much too prevalent in instructional videos these days).  And you can't beat the prices! 

All in all, if a student wants the best that can be offered from a "video sensei," he/she should buy every video in Lala's library before even considering venturing anywhere else.

Sincerely, Erik


Marco, i have recieved your DVDs, and i must say they are brilliant. Having trained under Frank Perry-  Seki Juku Ryu, whom is part of the same family tree as you. I discovered the styles of seki juku and your style of teching very similar, however your training methods, and grappling techniques have truely inspired me, realizing some of the flaws of having a purely Shokatan Karate based training. I have adopted many of your training techniques into my personal training. Due to a year in the British rowing team i have been out of training, and i used your DVDs to get back into the swing of things, i shocked my Brother who holds a 1st dan, by beating him using your techniques. i am going to continue to use your ideas, and when i travel to America, i would love to visit your Dojo.


Dear, sir..
My name is Chris Wright, and I am 27 years old, and i've been studying tae kwon do for about two years....I got a late start..heh.. I received your beyond splits volumes one and two ( DVD) in early August. Thusly, I felt compeled to e-mail you, with my gratitude! I have always been fairly quick at doing the splits (the kind Jean Claude Van Damme does, I can't do the type you do).. your videos have helped my over all flexibility, I now have retained so much more flexibility and I have passed the plateau that I was stuck on for about a year, I was at 180 degrees (center split) , I've now passed that, and for the first time I can do the hurdler's split..I've always had a problem with that one ( it seems most people have a problem with the center I am the that normal..??) kicks are now faster, Ii mean really fast!..books can only show you so much ( but I do like to read!), video, helps out a great deal !!..but, I would like to see a book from you on stretching, like a couple of volume series, like one on upper body, and two on lower companion books for the videos..that would be great!!.. any how, this all comes down to thank you!!..thank you very much!!!..and I look foward to getting more of your products soon!!!!

Chris Wright


My name is Brandon.  Some time ago I had boughten some of your videos, and let me tell you, I was very impressed.  I am not a huge fan of the martial art video world, too many of these "become a black belt at home in your spare time" crap.  But I went out on limb and bought a few of your videos and have never regret it.  I am happy to say I will soon enough be buying the entire set of videos.  I lost my other set due to a house fire.  I have also tried to do what I can and recommend your line to almost every other fighter I talk with.  I swear by your line of videos like they were as holy as the bible.  I have foughten in kick boxing, almost pro. but due to some life altering situations, I had to take some time off.  I have done a lot of grappling tournaments, judo, freestyle submission fighting, and of course, MMA.  My black belt is in Tae Kwon Do (none Olympic) Song Moo Kwon, and have done Judo/Ju jitsu for 4 years.  I do admit, I have been out of serious practice for about 2 years.  I will soon be back in collage and have found a gym were I will be training at, Pedro Sauer of the Gracie Ju Jitsu. (in case you have heard of him)  I guess what I want to ask is, one day I will be start teaching and running my own gym, I would greatly like to have some affiliation with your organization.  I like your approach to the martial arts, and I think it should be spread to other people as well.  I don't plan on my teaching to really take off for a few years, so that gives lots of time to try and work something out.  Please email back at your soonest convenience.

Thank you for your time,

Brandon M Buchholz

The first video I ordered was excellent.  I immediately ordered two more.  $19.95 is an absolute steal for this information. The techniques, set ups, and applications are shown clearly, and in great detail. Thanks. You will be hearing more good things from me."

Bryan Wetzel

I just finished watching the first tape of Video Encyclopaedia Effective Kicking , may I say that as a student of the martial arts for the last 20 years and having purchased basically what would amount to a library of tapes and books this tape is the best so far in regards to mechanics, application and training methods and believe me when I say that I have watched many training tapes. - I will be watching tape 2 tonight.

I have only fast forwarded through Beyond Splits Vol 2 and must say that when I saw how you applied the "sit up" board to aid in obtaining a spit, I watched that section several times (all the time thinking why in 20 years of training did I not ever think of that!) - How simple but brilliant is this!! Once again I thank you for you quick reply and your generous offer. I will be purchasing further tapes from you in the not to distant future.


"Sensei Edson Carvalho with Marc Peter Lala (Marco's son)
at Edson's Brazilian JiuJitsu/Judo Academy"


Lala Sensei,

Thank you. I really appreciate your quick response. I am pleased to tell you that this order will mark the completion of my collection of your videos. It goes without saying that all of the information has helped enhance and accelerate my learning....both traditional martial arts and the USMC Martial Arts program. Thanks for your dedication and willingness to share your knowledge. I truly hope we get to meet someday.

Semper fidelis,
Capt Mike Anderson

Marco, just wanted to drop a line to say that I have always considered your encyclopedic approach inspiring and well done. I've thought that for years and have said as much to many folks. Just thought I'd take the time to let you know myself. Excellent work. You should be proud.
Have a geat day,
Mark Hatmaker

Lala Sensei,

Greetings from Okinawa, Japan!! I am a US Marine stationed here and am an avid fan of your videos. I don't have your complete collection but will very soon. I may have to buy repeat copies since I watch them so much! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I love your on the market in my opinion and also ask a question: How tall are you??? I ask because I am only 5'7" but it looks as though you are of a similar height just with awesome flexibility, speed and technique. Again, great videos and I would love to make your acquaintance when I make it back to the USA. Are you still teaching? Take care and Semper fidelis.

Best regards,
Capt Mike Anderson

Dear Sensei,
Thank You for taking the time to reply to my E-mail. I have been power lifting for years. I trained for the 1988 and 1992 Olympics for the Discus and Hammer Throw. Most of my lifting consisted of full squats(650lbs) and Power Cleans from the floor(460lbs) so you can imaging how restrictive my hips and lower back are. I am 36 years old now and I am pursuing a career in Law enforcement.. it's just that my hips and lower body is so restrictive that it inhibits my 1.5 mile run time. For my age I have to run it in 13:08.. a piece of cake for most guys my age but for me with my physical limitations...its a bit difficult. I am going to keep up the hard work to overcome my limitations and make it happen. Thank you Sensei for all of your help. God Bless you and your family always.

Sincerely, Rob (NYPD)

The previous grappling tapes I have gotten from you have truly expanded my understanding of mat work.. They truly have help me out ..

For example:
 I practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu (but I have taken some time off From pure mat work) I started at a local Judo school in order to crosstrain w/ an emphasis on throws & takedowns (throws is not a strong point for the Brazilians).

I don't consider myself anything special, But to my disillusion, the judo schools here (Miami, Florida) aren't anything to write home about. They lack structure in teaching throws (fundamentals: footwork, etc.) and there even worst on the mat.

Thinking that formal instruction would be even better than just supplementing my training watching a few tapes. On my first class What I didn't know in throwing, I improvised w/ tie-ups and a few of the wrestling takedowns I know. Then I went on to submit (via joint-lock or choke) every black belt there. I even made it a point to apply after few days prior going over a couple of your tapes certain new moves I have added to my arsenal (little by little) with great success. I completely surprised each individual; I beat each one with a different move.

My kid brother who has no prior knowledge of grappling at all before the class; I work with him a few days before starting for a month in this school using your tapes (just showing him the basic: a few pass, a few submissions, etc.). He submitted all the brown belts and stalemated with the black belts.

At this point I have come to the realization that there are only a select few who can convey information (whether only on tape or in person).

So, now for the next few months I am on a self-teach quest to teach myself throws, and takedowns.

Do you have any students teaching here in Miami, Florida? or do you know here that I can train with?

George B.

Dear Sensei Lala,

Over the past year and a half I ordered almost all of your tapes, and let me tell you they were the best investment I made, ever. I myself teach Muay Thai and self defense to an elite anti terror unit here in Israel, I thought at first that I wont learn anything new from you, but boy was I proven wrong.
Your low kicking tapes were first class I thought I knew all there is to now about low kicks (being a Thai boxer) so were the rest. I want you to know that your teaching method inspired me greatly
and my classes improved a lot. One more thing your fighting secrets has saved lives on more than one occasion my students have apprehended terrorists
using better techniques and getting less injured in the process. Your tapes have helped in the war against terrorism, Next time I'm in NY I'd like to visit your gym and get some instruction maybe.
P.S Sensei, can I suggest that you put out a tape on knife defense, arrest techniques, and defense against guns and clubs, and multiple attackers, even though we see many on the market none of them have the professional, tactical, and no nonsense approach that you do

Sincerely, Maj. Beny

Mr. Lala,

Congratulations for your high quality tape contents. Following are my reasons:

1. direct, down-to-earth, no-nonsense explanations of every move. On the contrary, not boring at all.
2. the amazing driving and determination attitude you assume during each one of your training acts which, to tell you the truth, is just short of contagious.
3. the excellent footwork and rhythm you display during your kicking session which, to my opinion, are important factors not frequently considered among many martial arts practitioners during their kicking training routines.
4. your overall impressive martial arts skills and physical structure development which serve to all of us as a source of motivation to also train hard and imitate you.
5. your creativity in relation to the gadgets you implemented in your stretching tapes which in turn save some bucks. That says a lot about your knowledge and mastering of the business.

Above reasons and my serious intention of improving my physical conditioning and Karate skills, even at my present age, make me purchase other items of your very interesting video collection.

Please inform if the items in your catalogue titled "Phenomenal Endurance Training" and "Phenomenal Strength Training" are also video tape material.

Keep up your already good work!

Best Regards,
Ciceron Romero

"I have long since dropped out of the commercial martial arts arena. Tired of all the BS. Yet, I still want to remain current. I have acquired many of your videos and even reviewed (positively) several of your productions for a couple of M.A."rags." I still find your material the most technically proficient and situationally correct on the market, and would like to keep in touch. Hence my communique. I work at a Mid-Ohio University, teaching Self-Defense, and work privately with individuals who have a concern for personal protection and safety. I
still refer to your materials for illustrating technical perfection when I work with others. Take care, Sir. You are one of the few truly masterful martial artists out there in the arena of American martial practice."

Arthur C. Andersen
Ashland, Ohio

Hello Marco,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the most amazing set of videotapes that I have received from you. What you have done is absolutely incredible! I got the tapes on Wednesday, and I have only been getting about three hours of sleep for the last two
nights...I can't stop watching these tapes! Me and my friends have already converted my living room into a functional training area with a monitor set up right there. Again, thank you so much for such high quality product. The editing is superb, and we all appreciate the way you comment on your demonstrations "behind" the camera, rather than stopping to explain each move. I have over 80 other tapes in my collection, and I must say that none even come close to the value of yours. That is a sad statement for the hard-earned money that I have wasted on other tapes. My biggest regret, however, is that I didn't come across these tapes many many years earlier... Secondly, I would like to ask if you can recommend a school in the St. Louis or Chicago area. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to find a good instructor and a good school. I have been in and out of martial arts since I was 13 (I am 24 now), and how I wish that I had proper instruction. When you mentioned in your book that your instructor didn't allow you to compete until you were 18...and made you prepare for 5! I am very impressed. I have taken taekwondo through one of the "buy-a-belt" schools for about 3-4 years. We NEVER sparred or did ANY kind of hitting drills in our school. Since then I have tried boxing, kickboxing, and Thai boxing, but only briefly, due to lack of proper instruction and supervision. As I am about to graduate from a chiropractic school in August, the safety of my HANDS is extremely important to me, and so I am would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the reality of participating in karate training the way you would teach it, as well as your thoughts on age in relation to beginning on such a path. Any response from you would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Alexander Ginzburg
St.Louis, Missouri

"I just received your stretching videos. They are the best I have ever viewed. I wish I would have purchased them long ago; before I bought the many others I have already purchased. They are really great tapes. Soon I plan to buy many more. What I like is simply this: "Mr.Lala you get to THE POINT of what ever you are saying."
Mr. James Choate 3rd Degree, Taekwondo

"Mr. Lala, your line of instructional videos provides some of the best distance instruction I have ever witnessed."
Jeff Shawnee, Oklahoma

"I already own several of your videotapes, they're (by far) the best in the market, both in quantity and quality of info contained. Exceptional material, the best positional tapes in the market out there hands down."
Guilherme AbreuRio, De Janero, Brazil

"Your Video Series is the most Comprehensive, Informative, Clear, and Concise video series I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. I have all of your grappling videos and your KO video, and they are awesome! simply awesome! The material is presented in the easiest to understand format I've ever witnessed. Now I'm anxiously awaiting the rest of the videos and books! 6 stars out 5! After studying the grappling tapes and practicing for a few hours I found it much easier to compete and win in local MMA and NHB competitions, despite having 15 years experience and 4 Black Belts in separate styles. Sensei Lala is so articulate and knowledgeable that just watching his videos gave me an edge even before practicing the presented material. 5 stars all the way!!!"

James Hawkins III
Martial Arts Instructor
Walters' American Kenpo Karate
Catonsville, MD

I am not a frequent poster on this or any other forum ... I have been involved in the martial arts since 1977 ... I have been involved and represented Gracie Torrance since 1994 ... I currently run the CAIQUE Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Westchester, New York ... Props to TEAM CAIQUE, we are not only blessed with a GREAT INSTRUCTOR but a GREAT PERSON to guide us in our quest... I trained with Marco in Kyokushin Karate from 1978 until 1985/86 .. While I have only had contact with Marco two times in the past 10 years my memories of him are vivid ... The first day I met Marco I was immediately impressed with his natural ability, determination, and desire ... Marco QUICKLY rose to be a driven force in the Karate world .. He is, pound for pound, the best stand up fighter I have ever been exposed to ... His talent was secondary only to his determination and desire .. Marco literally ate, slept and breathed Karate ... His attributes as a fighter were further enhanced by his ability to communicate his knowledge as an instructor ... Even at 14/15 years of age he spoke of writing a book about the martial arts .. Marco's ground work is more geared towards the traditional path of Judo, Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling, however, Marco would be a star at anything he choose to do, martial arts or otherwise ... There are few as dedicated as you my friend, keep up the good work ...

Steve Kardian, Westchester, NY

"I also have a bunch of his tapes. You cannot go wrong with them. Anyway, Marco is a F%#kin' Killer! On that how to knock any attacker out tape, he is whipping ass! I have all my people training using some of his guidelines. We recently had 2 Black belts come from another school in our area. My students have only trained 4 months and these guys have trained 4 years. My students destroyed them. I give them credit for working hard, but a lot of the conditioning principles and training methods are from Marco( especially the medicine ball work!) If that is not testimony enough.... As always, I'm very appreciative of your time here. I would also like to point out that your attitude and philosophy towards training has greatly influenced me in my conditioning and grappling ( my guard used to be horrible despite my solid top game. After your videos however, it became very strong thanks on some hard work and experimentation). The thing some people are not going to understand is that you have a very "encyclopedic" set of tapes that show FAR more than mere techniques. As I have said in the past, the conceptual nature of your series is the best thing about your series. I rank it as the best series I have and I have a few. I am hoping you will be putting out more tapes in the future in the same vein."

"There is another thread about his videos on this forum. I have all his tapes, the best stuff for the most affordable price. One of his tapes has more information than most video series."
Ma fanatic,

"For what it is worth...
Myself and John Saylor have viewed many of these tapes, as has Gene LeBell. We ALL feel that on them if some of the finest material at ANY price. I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer.. (and I'm saying this at a time that I'm trying to sell other tapes in my collection!!!!!) Buy them!"
Mark Tripp, Judo Coach - 5th Dan USJA

"I have ordered several of Mr. Lala's tapes. I plan on ordering the rest of them. Whenever I want to see how something is correctly done, I watch his tapes. Like he said, he's poured his heart and soul into this. He seems to me that he really cares about teaching correct techniques. Not just filling them with slo-mo instant replays. In a time when everyone out there is just trying to make a buck with no care of the consequences of giving bad information or holding back etc... Marco delivers!!! On a personal note.. thank you MR. Lala for your tapes and help you have given me. Your work is without a doubt the best, and I look forward to purchasing all your tapes!"

"I would like to tell you that today me and 3 other students competed in our first grappling tournament. we all took first place using Mr. Lala's techniques...Thanks"
Eric Stephens

"Dollar for dollar they are the best value out there in the instructional market. When you compare (as we have hundreds of times on this forum) cost vs. value vs. instructional content, Marco Lalas tapes always come out in the top spots on the list. Why? Because we have grown tired of Panther's 10 techniques per tape with 10 slow motion replays of each technique leaving us with not a 60 minute video but rather 20 minutes of useable instruction. We don't need numerous slo mo replays....that's what the rewind button is for. Marco doesn't do this on his tapes. While he may have the occasional slo mo replay. he tends to show the techniques with him performing them at demo speed and live speed. This gives for a much better viewing and you can always rewind if need be. Marco doesn't stutter through the verbal portion of the instruction. He records a voice over instruction of the techniques. That means that when he is performing the technique, he isn't rapped up into the explanation nor is he winded when trying to speak. This may seem strange at first, but once you get used to it, you will appreciate the narration. Unlike Panther's 10 techniques per tape, Marco's tapes are filled from beginning to end with techniques. It is not uncommon to have upwards of 20, 30 (or more) per tape. Now, at a cost of $19.95 per tape, that is one super value. I personally have the Neck Manipulations 1 and 2, Escape From Bottom Pinning Positions 1 and 2, Encyclopedia of Kicking 1 and 2, Forbidden LegLocks, and Karate's Ab Secrets. I have never regretted buying any of Marco Lala's tapes. In a market flooded with tapes that cost $39.95, with most of them in the $49.95 range, Marco's is a steal. Again, especially with the quality of instructional content. My next order from Marco will be the Armlocks 1 and 2 tapes.
Hope this helps!!!
Keep TRaining HArd.....

Michael "KempoMike" @

Kempo Mike, I have seen all of Lalas tapes. Armlocks 1 and 2 is good, but if you haven't bought top control 1 and 2 you are really missing out. Top control 1 and 2, are clearly Marcos best tapes (imo). Armlocks show countless variations of armlocks from various positions. Well worth the price. In addition, Marco seems to make really detailed tapes about specific aspects of fighting. His guard tape has tons of sweeps on it, his neck tapes have tons of neck locks and chokes. Just what some people are looking for, as opposed to a one Position tape.
From: Ghidorah
Date: 26-Mar-01 | 02:15 PM

"I have ALL the videos. Marco is an excellent video instructor. He's on my top three list of favorite MA video series. Plus he offers a money back in case the videos are not for you. Can't loose there.
Well got to work now!"
From: LatinoHeat
Date: 26-Mar-01 | 02:20 PM

"I highly recommend Marco's tapes. They are thorough and complete. I gained knowledge from viewing these. Get 'em. Marco Lala is a positive force in the martial arts who can elevate anyone's game."
Stephen Quadros
Fightsport Magazine

Dear Mr. Lala,
Thank you for the follow up. It really means a lot to me as a customer. I received the videos this past Monday. I absolutely love your choke and top control tapes. I watched the tapes that night and this past Wednesday and today (Saturday) I choked out everyone I wrestled with (4 for 6); and I arm barred the other two from a technique I saw from the INTRODUCTION of your top control tape.
This was possible because you put out so much technique and variation entries. Other tapes teach you a few and then show replay after replay or try to break down a technique into 100 different steps! Then when you wrestle and find yourself in a new position or a certain position you're not comfortable with, you wonder, "What do I do from here?" They get you so focused on perfecting a single technique, that you become boxed in and limited.
If I remember correctly, you said in your tapes that it wasn't necessary to be able to perform every technique, but that you should at least be aware of them. I agree 100%. It was that awareness (of the possibilities and variations) that allowed me to improvise and execute that technique. I didn't do it PERFECTLY but I was at least able to recognize the opportunity and finish the move. Now that I know of it, I can perfect it, but how can I perfect a technique if I don't know it exists? Thanks to your tapes, I'm much the wiser, and now a better grappler as well. Thanks for caring and thank you for putting out great work.

Jesse Taijeron

Well just watched yet another video series on grappling that I ordered. This makes over thirty tapes that I have. You still have the best teaching style I have watched. You have brought many people up, me and a Gracie National winner ( whom I ordered from} were talking of the days of old when we trained to your knockout tape.
Just a greeting, and a reminder that Submission grappling is getting huge. I would bethe first to buy any new material from you.

Ken Chapin


Roberto Kaelin

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