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Brute Quad Tech Ear Guard

The Quad Tech is a revolutionary patented earguard. It features an energy absorbing EVA impact material that is formed to exact configurations for maximum blow dissipation. It's soft flexible PVC shell holds  EVA inserts to a precise position to keep earguard in place. It is also designed to fit the BRUTE buttpad.

Size: One size fits all $24.95 each

colors: white/black  white/royal blue



Quad Tech Ear Guard

Brute Knee Pad

Brute Knee PadsBrute and Sorbothane blend the superior "cushion of air" feeling provided by Sorbothane with Brute's stitch technology and superior craftmanship. Our pads feel soft and adapt to the actions of the knee, absorbing extreme direct force that can be damaging to soft tissue.Sorbothane has an almost liquid quality which  gives superior cartilage and patella protection by forcing shock away from the point of impact. Sorbothane dissipates up to 94% of the impact energy. 


Measure around center of
knee for size

Size Price Color
11 -13 (70-120lbs) AS $19.95

13 -15 "  (120-160 lbs) AM $19.95

15 "-17"  (160-190lbs) AL $19.95

16-18"  (190-240 lbs) XL $19.95

Over 18"  (over 240 lbs) XXL $19.95